Monday, February 6, 2017

PC Chandelier

A new design in my exploration of plastic canvas ornaments. So far I have seven (7) different profiles for chandeliers and they can have 3, 4, 5 or 6 vanes. This is a 4 vane. Before the chain and pearl drop embellishments were the ornament is just shy of 6 inches across and 3 inches tall.  With the chain, pearl drop, and hanger it is roughly 6"x6".  Was thinking about adding additional pearl drop to the jump-rings which attached the chain but maybe later.  Used #5 crochet thread for the main stitching (roughly 5 yards per panel) and the the Yarn Bee Diamond Fetching as the edging (roughly 12 yards).

One of the things I have to remember is to really tightly sew the sequin and gold bead embellishment on tightly.  When doing the final stitching, some of them became loose and I had to re-stitch to tighten.  Next one I am thinking again white thread for the major stitching but with a red border and red sequins with white pearl beads.

Was thinking about making it five (5) vanes but also wanted to get it finished.  Really like how the finished ornament came out.

Most likely will be the ornament given in the 2017 Feb-April Ornament Exchange.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Plastic Canvas 2017

Over the Christmas Holiday, I received a commission for 25 to 30 assorted ornaments.  Will do approximately 10 of the Tri-Square ornaments like I gave out in 2016 but with different embellishment and designs.  I have designed and am currently working on prototypes for several different Chandelier ornaments out of plastic canvas.  Also have designs in Platonic solids and Euclid solids for plastic canvas.  Haven't decided if all of these ornaments will be out of plastic canvas or maybe a mixture of the various ornaments I have created over the years.  Will depend on several factors.  The plastic canvas ornaments take longer to create, but I am enjoying designing and choosing the various embellishments to be used.  Coming up with solutions when it comes to joining the various pieces together came to me one night while trying to go to sleep, the Right Side of my Brain showed me not to try to join them all at once but to join to facing sides first then after joining all of the pieces into groups of two pieces each the stitch the wrong sides together working my way around the ornament.  After joining the two facing each other, I can stitch in the embellishments such as sequins and rhinestones.  Then after the final joining, I will be able to add chain segments, finial drops and any final embellishment.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Additional Tri-Square ornaments Part 2

Finished four more and edited the photos.  Last night I kept thinking about how to do plastic canvas chandeliers other the the fuzzy chandelier and the fringe chandelier I have done in the past.

Have ordered over 1,000 additional rhinestones, luckily they won't arrive until after the holidays.

Everyone seemed to  like the Tri-Square ornaments.  Following are additional photos of the ornaments from 2016.

My sister received these:

Godson Jimmy and his wife, Hayley received these four on their first Christmas as Husband and Wife.

Co-worker 's daughters  received the following two:

This was given to the daughter of an employee who works for one of our printing suppliers and has received several other of my ornaments, all in Pink and Purple.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Finished editing one of the plastic canvas Tri-Square ornament. Color corrected. Working on getting photographed and edited three more variations of the design. Will gave all four as a Christmas present to a couple of got married in October of this year.

Have one more variation in this series but the teardrop drop rhinestone doesn't fit in area.  So will complete with either an oval or circle.

Monday, November 28, 2016

It was August since I updated.

Here are some of the ornaments I have been working on.  My partners in the Yearly Ornament Exchange received this ornament design which I call "Tri-Square".

Here are a few more variations using the Tri Square design.  Adding sew-on rhinestones to embellish.  Will add chain and bead dangles before gifting them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Update since it has been awhile

Didn't realize it had been almost 5 months since I updated.  In that time I have moved to a new residence and most of my crafting supplies are still boxed.  Moved into a smaller place so have to decide if I am going to put about half into storage, get rid of it or try to make it work.

I have a Third Quarter Ornament Exchange due out end of October. Looked around my office at work and found that most of the items I needed for plastic canvas ornaments were stored there.  So I have the design decided, what I had been calling the "Tri-Square".  The plastic canvas are parts cut so I can make five ornaments. Have made the ornaments before so it will be easier than creating an all-original design. Need to decide floss colors, thinking about embellishing with sew-on rhinestones and sequins. Photos to follow.

This is a version I did many years ago, I think in either 2009 or 2010.